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We supply all kinds of products that you use in your own production quickly by keeping a wide and high stock.


Products are managed from a single automation from nail production to tele-array, and the standardization rate is .9.


You can easily use our products in your nail guns. They are produced in a standard and safe manner that will not harm your pistols.

Timely delivery

As we promised, we fulfill all orders within the deadline.
Products and Services We Provide

Pallet Nails
Wire Coil Nails
Cast Nails

The nail group products we supply to you are our own production. We always produce the best quality without any stock problems. In addition, we supply the air nail guns that you need at the most affordable cost and offer them to your use.
Alternative solutions for your production
Continuous Stock
Fast supply and delivery times


Beta Nail is the manufacturer of the nail group used especially in the joining of wooden products. In this product group, we listen closely to the problems of our customers, take quick actions and revise our production according to appropriate conditions. We are constantly working for the supply of more environmentally friendly, high quality, long-lasting products.
Quality, cost-effective products for your business
Wide Range of Products
Products with excellent design, structure and ergonomics
Fast delivery at affordable cost

Beta Civi is passionate about its work as a pallet nail manufacturer. We always offer the best quality product at the most affordable price, regardless of customer discrimination. We promise to produce and supply smoothly and with excellent quality understanding. We fulfill these promises as soon as possible. The satisfaction of our customers is the most valuable reward for us.

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